CH Royal Nefertt Makamae Mandisa (Mandi)- After having shared our home with George for over 10 years I realized that I did not ever want to not have a mau in our home.  I began searching in Hawaii for a Egyptian Mau and learned that George was the only one, so I expanded my search to the mainland USA.  I learned that maus are not easy to come by and that the waitlists can be over 14 months for a kitten.  I then had to find  a breeder that would work with me to meet the requirements to bring a kitten to Hawaii (Hawaii is rabies free and has strict quarantine requirements).  I found Mandisa through Nefertt Maus and worked with them to bring her to our home.  Mandisa is retired and enjoying commanding our home.  She rules the house!

We have also identified our newest Queens, due to arrive in Hawaii in fall/winter 2017 - meet Ajatarah's Lohi'i Kahiki of Makamae.  She will be breed with our sire, Pahu -

Mandi's first litter produced a beautiful little girl named - Makamaemaus Alexandria (aka Lexi) - She placed as the Best Kitten in the Hawaii Region her first year.  She has brought us two lovely litters and the combination of Lexi and Pahu produces Silver, Smoke and bronze kittens.    We assume she will also follow in her mommy's paw prints and continue to be a wonderful mommy.   Lexi is currently being bred with our sire GC RW Mautrix's Firecracker  (aka Pahu)