It all started as a result of finding a Baby Kitten under my tent in Afghanistan

Meet GEORGE - he is the reason I even know what an Egyptian Mau is.  One morning while deployed to Afghanistan  while putting on my combat boots I looked down and saw a small baby kitten staring back up at me.  I cared for him and carried him around in my rucksack for 6 months and then managed to smuggle him out of Afghanistan and once back in the states I noticed how much he looked like most short hair brown tabby kittens, but that he also has a very special look about him.  I posted pictures of him on the internet and a Mau breeder emailed me and said he looked very much like  a bronze coloration Egyptian Mau, and after doing much research on the breed looks and traits I became convinced that he was most likely a mau.  He was very feral and it was not an option to place him with anyone else, as I am very allergic to cats.  I have had little trouble having him in our home and have since added Mandisa with limited allergy issues.  George has never shown, is still very much a wild animal that allows us to share a home with him, but also is a very loving and sweet animal, albeit completely on his terms! 

AND NOW ..... We have GC Mautrix Firecracker (Pahu pahu) - He arrived in Hawaii in May 2016.  He is a lovely sweet handsome fellow.  He will be mated with both Mandisa and Alexandria our two Queens, and will surely bring us some lovely Champion babies.  I met him in Virginia and spent over 2 hours with this handsome little devil...he plays, is inquisitive, charming and just a big cuddle bug.  He loves to show and will make a wonderful Ambassador for the Egyptian Mau breed in Hawaii.  We can't wait for him to become a daddy......and to have some more precious babies. 


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